Asset Management

The key to building true wealth lies in the construction of an investment portfolio that recognizes the importance of managing the optimal risk-return tradeoff for driving its long-term performance. Utilizing a disciplined process, based on time-tested principles, Sovereign Wealth Advisors works with our clients to clearly define their specific investment objectives that will guide the construction of a fully diversified portfolio designed to achieve appropriate returns relative to their risk profile.

Our process is comprehensive and highly personalized so that we can arrive at a long-term investment strategy you can pursue with confidence and comfort. As independent investment advisors, operating in a fiduciary capacity, we can then objectively identify and select the most appropriate investment options, most of which are low cost and institutional-quality for maximum return potential.

Our portfolio asset management services are extensive, providing you with a long-term solution for your wealth building objectives:

Asset Management
  • Customized Portfolio Management
  • Portfolio Review and Risk Assessment
  • Account Rebalancing and Reviews
  • Manager Due Diligence
  • Tax-Efficient Portfolio Strategies
  • Covered Call Strategies
  • Individual Bond Selection
  • Private Equity Holdings
  • Control and Monitor Investment Expenses
  • Institutional Consulting to Retirement Plans, Corporations, Foundations and Endowments
  • Company 401k, 401A, 403b, and Retirement Plans